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Nam Loong: A Journey of Generations

The story of Nam Loong speaks of humble beginnings that have grown into an unmatched brand name in the world of jewelry.

From Grandfather Thong Yuet Sang

When Thong Yuet Sang came to Penang from Canton, China in the early 1900s, the initial thoughts were to establish a stable business. He opened a general store in 1922 in partnership with Thong Yuet Sang’s two cousins; Thong Lok Khum and Pak Ong.

It does not come as a surprise that the store was named “Nam Loong” symbolizing the three mighty dragons from Southern China!

No. 5, Campbell Street soon became a well-known hub for locals interested in buying imported Chinese goods like silk, tea, face powder, umbrellas, wine, and handcrafted furniture. Thong Yuet Sang later became the sole owner as his two cousins decided to sell their share in the business.

As the business grew, the adjoining shop space was purchased.

In the 1930’s more family members along with his wife, Hor Sek Yan migrated from China. 19, Love Lane was then purchased and became the family home for years to come.

Since Thong Yuet Sang in his early days had also worked as an apprentice to a Goldsmith, he decided to introduce gold and silver jewelry within the store. The initial customers, however, were mostly limited to the affluent Chinese settled in Penang.

Call it his experience in crafting jewelry, or his eye for antiques, Thong Yuet Sang’s jewelry soon became the talk of the town, and Nam Loong became the leading Goldsmith shop in Penang.

Shifting Focus to Jewelry Business

To his son - "Wai Ko"

When “Wai Ko” joined the business in the 1950s, the store was popular in Penang for its collection of antiques, precious stones from around the world and unique handcrafted designs in gold and silver.

Nam Loong’s customer base included some members of royal families where the brand crafted jewelled tiaras and specially designed jewelry pieces for the royalty.

Under “Wai Ko”, the wall between the two shophouses was taken down, combining it into one large jewelry store. This was perhaps the first look of the store that we see standing in Campbell street today.

As years passed by, Nam Loong became a renowned brand, trusted amongst customers for its quality, creativity, and uniqueness.

a new era: Fine Jewelry

To the Grandson - Philip

New generations bring forth new ideas. Philip, son of “Wai Ko” and grandson of Mr Thong Yuet Sang joined the business in 1975, after completing his training as a jeweller in Hong Kong.

Under Philip and his brother, Peter’s leadership, the store is currently scaling new heights.

Philip’s love for antique collection and a natural sense of design made him churn out sleek, and wearable jewelry crafted carefully from traditional pieces. He realized that while the modern generation keeps coming back to old-time fashion and trends, there is a requirement to make accessories convenient for everyday use.

Nam Loong today holds the reputation of creating unique designs that appeal to the modern eye and carry their old-world charm as well! The brand and the shop are both milestone destinations in Penang.

A visit to Penang is hardly considered complete without having been to No. 5, Campbell Street. The home to everything that shines and dazzles!

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